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Ben Stiller in Happy Gilmore


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Welcome to White Trash City

The above picture really symbolizes white trash, below I’ve made a list: 1) Pregnant belly hanging out 2) Wrestling T-Shirt 3) Creepy Dad ‘Stache and Male Tail 4) Marijuana Tank Top 5) Tattoo on a 12 year old girl

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Charles Bronson Kills Hipsters

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Fu Manchu Shoots TV Over Bristol Palin Dancing

In a drunken rage Steven Cowan fired a shotgun round into his television because he was so angry that Bristol Palin kept advancing on Dancing with the Stars. It didn’t stop there, he then ended up in a 15 hour … Continue reading

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Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout

hopefully they patted his stache down for guns

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Gary’s Mattress

this is easily the most racist commercial ever made

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