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Drug PSA ‘Staches

this post is more for the awesomely ridiculous reasons kids do drugs, it was nice to see a couple ‘staches get in the video as well notable quotes at the :30 mark and 1:00 mark! Advertisements

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Awkward City Christmas ‘Stache

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Cross-Eyed Christmas ‘Stache

Maybe when Santa’s up on the ruff this year, this guy can head up there so one of the reindeer can kick him in the side of the head to try and uncross those puppies

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Christmas ‘Stache

I’m going to guess…Christmas of ’89?

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Mustache Pig & Uncle Vernon

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Mega ‘Stache from Tosh.0

VIDEO LINK – Mega Mustache from Tosh.0

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Back of the Head ‘Stache

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